Looking for a photographer, videographer or marketer in Nashville? I can use film making, photos, and social media marketing to grow your brand at the best value possible.



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Hey! I’m Tanner, but you’ve probably already figured that out. I create visual content of all kinds, but it is all uniquely valuable because of my understanding and background in business and marketing. I’m a big fan of good-looking high quality content, but I do the work for the support it gives business and marketing goals more than for the artistic fulfillment.

I like to say that I’m the CEO’s creator. If you need someone that understands how you’re trying to attack a specific market segment and differentiate yourself from your competition, I’m your guy. I’ve worked countless projects where I find new, innovative, and creative ways to tell a brand’s story so that they can connect to their audiences in new ways. It’s what I love doing more than anything - using great content to connect the emotional side of people to the practicality of business goals.

My background is audio production and business with a real passion for entrepreneurship and solving problems. This has led me to dive into the wide world of online marketing. Even though I got plenty of experience with adwords and analytics and SEO, I started realizing the massive role that content plays in impacting a business’s reputation on the internet, so I began developing my video and photo hobbies to real working skills.

Now I love to use video, photo, and design to tell people’s stories in business or personal life. Whether it is sharing a brand’s unique story to connect to their customers or showing off a newly engaged couple, I love to help people share the things they care about with the people around them.